Privacy Policy

1.Purpose and Scope

The aim of this policy is to set privacy, integrity, and confidentiality standards in Empowering Community Disability Services dealings with prospective clients. The strategy was built around the rights of people as laid down in the Privacy Act, Freedom of Information Act, Disability Services Act and Disability Services Standards.

This policy applies to all of Empowering Community Disability Services programs and activities.


2.Policy Statement

Empowering Community Disability Services is committed to ensuring all clients have the same level of privacy, dignity and confidentiality as the rest of the community.



The following protocols are to be enforced to ensure that Empowering Community Disability Services fulfills its policy goal of ensuring that all participants have the same degree of privacy, integrity and confidentiality as the rest of the group expect.

Empowering Community Disability Services will:

  1. Just collect consumer information that can be demonstrated to be directly applicable to successful service delivery and care obligations.
  2. Seek the individual or family’s written permission before obtaining details from some other source.
  3. Seek the individual or family’s written consent before release of information to some other party.
  4. Ensure access is given only to those Empowering Community Disability Services staff who need access to the above information.
  5. Advise the participant and the family about the existence of the participant’s personal details kept by Empowering Community Disability Services.
  6. Advise the individual and the family of their right to access information held by the Empowering Community Disability Services with respect to the client.
  7. Ensure that Empowering Community Disability Services only retains personal information about a customer as long as it remains essential to the delivery of appropriate services and Empowering Community Disability Services duty of care obligations.
  8. Investigate, address and record any customer concerns concerning safety, integrity or confidentiality as soon as possible.


4.Performance Standards

To ensure that the procedures, the following performance requirements must be met:

  1. A copy of Empowering Community Disability Services Policy on Privacy , Dignity, and Confidentiality has been provided to all clients and their families.
  2. A copy of the Empowering Community Disability Services Privacy , Dignity and Confidentiality Policy was provided to all employees, and a copy of the Policy is kept in.
  3. Participants and families were informed why Empowering Community Disability Services requires the information it seeks
  4. Participants or families have achieved the Authority to Release Information forms before information is collected from other outlets.
  5. Empowering Community Disability Services operates a customer information system that houses all personal information in the one locality belonging to an individual client.
  6. Customer files are kept in lockable filing cabinets in a non-public office location and files are returned to their appropriate location as soon as they are no longer needed.
  7. There is no show of client names or other personal details on whiteboards or notice boards that might be available to view by other clients or the general public.
  8. Photographic, video or other identifying images shall not be publicly displayed or aired without the prior written permission of the client or family.
  9. Participant files have been regularly checked to ensure that non-current, and unlikely to be applicable in the future, personal information is removed from files.
  10. Any grievances were dealt with in accordance with the principles of privacy , dignity and confidentiality set out in this policy and the Consumer Grievances Policy.