Complaints & Feedback​


We are proud of our service to clients and consumers who have limited or no vision at ECD Services. We appreciate any feedback, whether it’s compliments, concerns, or recommendations, since it helps us give the best service possible.

  • Telephone Line for Customer Feedback
  • Online
  • Forms for Suggestions
  • My Choice, My Care
  • The Complaints Procedure.

Contact Number for Feedback​

We have a cell phone number where you may call and offer comments at any time. A recorded message can be left at any time, and it can be left anonymously if desired.

Mobile Number for Feedback +61 434 573 866

You can fill out the online feedback form by clicking here

Alternatively, you may send the appropriate information to

Forms for Suggestions​

A suggestion form is available for clients and visitors to provide feedback on our services. The forms are available in large print, audio, and Braille formats from our office or by mail upon request. Forms that have been completed include:

ECD Services is located at Daly Street in Belmont, WA 6104.

If you have a grievance,

As an external stakeholder that interacts with our organization, there may come a time when you want to make a complaint about us without fear of negative consequences.
We recognize this and have devised a procedure to make it feasible, since we are always looking for ways to improve our services.

What is the best way to inform us?

You may tell us how you’re feeling by sending an email to:
  • Interacting with a person on a one-on-one basis
  • Phone number or a mobile phone number
  • In print, Braille, audio, or electronic media (including our online contact form) or at
At any point during our complaints procedure, you can enlist the help of another individual as an advocate.

All Parties’ Behavior


Your complaint will be addressed with a pleasant attitude and will be dealt with quickly and equitably.

ECD Services requires its personnel, volunteers, and stakeholders to respect each other’s dignity, be fair and polite to one another, keep all concerns secret, and put high priority on resolving the complaint when participating in our complaints process.

Any person whose behavior throughout the procedure is unreasonable will not receive a response from ECD Services.

Our Reaction

If your issue is not handled within a reasonable amount of time, it will be forwarded to a Director or General Managers

This individual is

  • Will notify you that your complaint has been received within two working days; and
  • Will inform you of the time frame in which we intend to address your complaint; and
  • May contact you again if further information or conversation is needed; and
  • Will call you at least once every ten working days to update you on the status of your complaint until it is resolved.

Please let us know if you are not satisfied with our response. The contact information for an external organization is provided below if you desire to refer the situation to them.

Complaints & Inquires

  • (08) 6551 7600 for complaints and inquiries
  • Call toll-free in the United States: 1800 813 583
  • TTY: (08) 6551 7640

If you prefer not to, or if you do not receive the desired outcome after filing a complaint, we advise you to seek assistance from the organisations listed below.

  • Early Childhood Early Intervention Partner or Local Area Coordinator for your kid.
  • Developmental Disability WA on 08 9420 7203 or The Association for Children with Disability Tasmania on 03 6231 2466 or via email
  • Call 1800 033 660 or email to contact Blind Citizens Australia.
  • Call 1800 237 981 to reach the Older Persons Advocacy Network (OPAN).
  • Call 1800 951 822 or email to contact the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission.
  • Your Support Coordinator or Local Area Coordinator.
  • Call 1800 033 660 or email to contact Blind Citizens Australia.
  • For further information, contact the National Disability Insurance Agency by phoning 1800 800 110, visiting one of its locations, or visiting
  • Call the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission at 1800 035 544 or submit a complaint online at

List of people to contact if you have a complaint

This is a list of phone numbers and email addresses for anyone in Australia who wishes to complain about an NDIS service.

A complaint is when you express your dissatisfaction with a particular aspect of your disability service. It’s very OK to express dissatisfaction! It has the potential to improve services.

The Commissioner for Disabilities Services, as well as Commissioners, Ombudsmen, and Complaints Offices in other states and territories, can assist in resolving issues with disability services. If you have a problem with your service, you may contact them. They can assist you in completing a complaint form or make the complaint for you. They may be able to assist in improving services for you.

They can assist your disability service in the following ways:

  • recognize what caused you to be miserable
  • provide you with details on what occurred
  • solve the issue
  • apologize

When you make a complaint, it is illegal for anyone from your disability service to treat you cruelly.

Western Australia

Complaints Office for Health and Disability Services


  • Email:
  • Phone: (08) 6551 7600
  • Administration: (08) 6551 7620
  • Country free call: 1800 813 583
  • TTY: (08) 6551 7640

You can contact the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) and/or the Commonwealth Ombudsman if you are concerned or unsatisfied with NDIA workers or a procedure.

NDIA – Complaints and Recommendations



Toll free: 1800 800 110

Ombudsman for the Commonwealth


Toll free: 1300 362 072

If you disagree with a decision made by the NDIA, you can request a review of the decision. An internal review is what this is referred to as.

If you still disagree with a judgement after an internal review, you can request an external merits review from the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). The AAT is separate from and unrelated to the NDIA.